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Riding The Brakes

This song is by Awake and Dreaming and appears on the album It's Always Midnight in Sin City (2008).

If I knew where to look to find happiness,
I'd gather my things and I'd build a house next to it,
And paint all the walls in a shade of blue-grey,
To resemble the feelings that shadow me everyday

As we drive the sky gets darker,
Every single mile marker is a stake in my heart, as they tear us apart
There's a streetlight that's still burning,
Unsure when I'll be returning, have I made a mistake?
I've been riding the brakes for 1500 miles

She sweet when it rains, and soft when we sleep,
Her name's California and we have got chemistry
Fusing our hearts, with sunsets till 10,
And streets where we'd hang out till quarter to 4 in the AM,
Then pass out with our clothes on beneath the piers and boardwalks
And wake up to the waves

If there was something I could say,
I'd write it in sand till the tide came and washed it away
If there was something I could do,
I'm writing this song to remember I can't forget,
Writing this song 'cause I wish that I never left,
Writing this song cause it tears me up

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