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Miss Miserable

This song is by Awake and Dreaming and appears on the album It's Always Midnight in Sin City (2008).

She's Complicated, problematic
Got lots to say but always quiet
She stays at home and says she likes it
Better when it rains

And the tears roll down your window pane as if someone heard you cry
But I'm not feeling sorry (for you/this time)

But still she suffers from denial
And acts like sadness is in style
Someday she might crack a smile
But only when it rains

And the clouds move in, it's darkening like you did it with your mind
But I'm not feeling sorry (for you/this time)

Miss Miserable
This drama scene is getting old
(Miss Miserable)
And oh you try to hate me so bad

Hey Miss miserable
Don't hold your breath cause you will choke
(Miss Miserable)
And no one really wants to see that

She's wondering why no one likes her,
Why no one comes to sit beside her
The black tears run from her eyeliner
And soak her hands like rain

I've been saving lines like spare change and I'll be cashing them in now
'Cause I'm not feeling sorry (for you/somehow/this time)

Come on and dry your eyes now, the gallery wont sympathize with your
Cold shoulders, and your ice cold words
I tried to tell you it's all your fault, c'mon admit that it's all your fault

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