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All In

This song is by Awake and Dreaming and appears on the album It's Always Midnight in Sin City (2008).

I'm seeing a plane crash, and this is your captain speaking
We're going down, down, down, enjoy your last moments breathing
If you never told me, of how you regret everything
Take it back, back, back, before you get on your next plane

But they're just words coming from my mouth
I could be bluffing but you'll never know until you show and call me, call me out

So baby go all in, 'cause I don't want to play this hand forever, and ever
And if the cards come up my way, I'm gonna take the pot and end this game forever, and ever, and ever, and evermore

I'm seeing a white light, and this is your angel speaking
Your time is oh, oh, over like a pair of old batteries
If I was the ember, and this is your last cigarette
Would you put me out, or would you burn me like you'll never smoke again
Are you having doubts?

Don't resist, just give in
So pick your poison and drink up, drink quick
Please baby, I'm reeling
You're wasting precious seconds thinking about it

Wasting breath, wasting time, wasting yours, wasting mine

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