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The Watchman

This song is by Avienne.

Atop the highest wall I give the call
Always watching, always keeping, on and on
When called upon to warn I sound the horn
Never sleeping, never tiring, dusk till dawn

From the edge of oblivion I keep this land
The earth may shake and the winds may come,
I am the watchman

But when the army came I was to blame
Never calling, never warning, kept silent
And so the people died, they screamed and cried
Always hiding, always shying, so it went

To the edge of oblivion I led this land
The earth it shook and the winds they came,
I am the watchman

With all this blood on my hands…
What a coward I've been…
Just to save myself…

Past the edge of oblivion I'll have to stand
And facing them all I shall confess

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