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​Solid Ground

This song is by Avienne.

Well I was walking along one fine summer day
When suddenly the ground tried to swallow me up
I sank and I sank and I soon lost my breath
Until I finally let go and gave it a rest

I'm looking for a firm place
To plant my feet
Something concrete
To rescue me
Maybe I'm looking for something
I've already found
I'm still searching
For solid ground

Well as soon as I returned to solid ground
Panic struck me again and I sank further down
It seems I would never come to learn
I already have the ground for which I yearn

Such a tragedy I never would find
The fault of my sinking was only mine
So scared that my pushing would never cease
And the earth would continue to swallow me
Sinking further I am and so shall I remain
Delving deeper and harder, again and again