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This song is by Avienne.

Well he said, she said, Johnny down the street said
Nietzsche said "God's dead" don't fret your little head
Well-bred, well-fed, or better off dead, special ed
Darwin said we're better let slow to we quick to bed

Oh boy, St. Loy, better get the big toy
Sub soy, employ, don't be a killjoy
Decoy, enjoy, get a real McCoy
Go ahead wonder boy, bring her on back to Troy

What's true for you ain't true for me,
One and one and two is three, all right!
So just sit beneath the lilac tree
We don't have to disagree tonight

Pro-life, pro-war, paradoxic oxymor
On board, be bored, saw it as an either or
Close door, keep shore, hush hush paramour
The keep you safe from communists and thieves and whores