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This song is by Avienne.

I came home last night, and I breathed out a sigh
Tired out from the fight, and I can't remember why
I came home today, and my life was still as much a mess
But ever since I found the way my worst days become my best

You've got to have some hope my friend
Faith, hope, and love will see the end
When you're down or life's just a bore
On the wings of hope may you soar

I'll come home tomorrow, and I may fall or I may choke
But you'll never see my sorrow because of faith, love, and hope

I know this world's a wicked place
But that's no reason to lose faith
Everytime you look around
There's so much here you cannot see
Stuck on negativity
So pick yourself up off he ground
My good friend I'll let you know
It's pain in life that makes us grow
And you can lean on me
So thank the Lord for what you've got,
Extend a hand to a have-not
Join in and sing

Nahnah Nahnah Nahnahnah
Nahnah Nahnah Nahnahnah

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