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This song is by Avienne.

Tryin' to find a way to make this okay but I can't
Caught up in the wave I've just got to rave and rant
Though I wish I could heal the way that I feel there's no way
So I'll muster the might to get up and fight another day

'Cause my head's somewhere up in the tress
And my heart's just achin me
And my hands feel the tremblin beat
'Cause my firend done and stole my queen

You've always known I'd gladly lie down for you
Why don't you swallow your pride instead of tryin' to hide like you do?
Lookin' at you I know there's nothin' I can do to deter
But when your limits the sky tell me why'd you try and take her?

Can't stop it now the gears are grindin in my soul
What's a king to do when he's growin' old?