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Love Me or Let Me Go

This song is by Avery.

Love me or let me go, go go
Love me or let me go, go go!

Stuck, stuck in your picture perfect fantasy world.
Keep run in circles in your merry go around
So for once, don't try to tell me which way to go,
Whoa oh
I'm gettin' tired of trying to fit your description
Of that girl, she's so barbie she's so fiction.
Wake up, your mind is somewhere stuck in a dream
Whoa oh
I'm suffocating I need to know

If this isn't real, gimme back all my kisses
I shoulda kept them for somebody else
Baby I'm real, I'm not your plastic princess
Maybe you need to get over yourself
I'm not that naive
There's more underneath
Love me or let me go
Ooh love me or let me go
Oh Love me or let me,

Go go, I'm over your charades so,
Its game over, unless your coming to your senses,
So, step down from your pedestal, oh whoa
Love me or let me go

Your sellin' lies by the dozen I'm not buying them,
Your stores goin' out of business so you better (better)
Make up, make up your mind oh whoa
I'm breaking down and I need to know

And you know there's been 2 many wrongs so,
Boy get down on your knees if you want me,
Yeah you better treat me right if
You wanna kick it with me.

(Love me or let me go, go go)
You wanna kick it with me
(Love me or let me go, whoa oh)
Boy get down your knees
(Love me or let me go, whoa oh)
I'm lettin' you know.


Written by:

Eithan Ben-horin, Anna Marie Iannitelli, Josh Snyder, Roquois Clarke Mike Molina

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