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Boner Jamz '09

This song is by Averman.

There's a strange tension in the air,
Or maybe it's just me
And honestly I feel like you don't care.
Maybe I'm just going crazy.
And I try my best to stay away.
You're happy now, I've heard.
But I'm miserable
As I still cling to every single word.
Alone and hanging out to dry.
You left me hanging out to dry.
And you can go see other guys,
But not a girl has caught my eye
Because I'm hanging out,
I'm hanging out to dry.
Your mixed signals are colder than Virginia November.
And I've written a thousand songs
That I doubt I'll ever send you.
Because you don't care about what I have to say,
And if you don't give a fuck,
Then why should I give a fuck?
I'd rather have you as a friend
Then not have you at all
So I'll watch you watch me be miserable

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