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Boner Jamz '03

This song is by Averman.

There's a strange tension in the air,
Or maybe it's just me.
Maybe you don't see me and I'm going crazy.
I'm trying my best not to be like him,
But I can't blame him for always wanting to know how you think.

Alone and hanging out to dry.

Would you please stop smiling at me?
It's your smile that makes me want to wake
And I don't want to wake if you don't want me to be yours.
Your mixed signals are colder than Virginia November
And I've written a thousand letters
I'll never send you

You don't give a fuck
About what I have to say
And if you don't give a fuck
Then why should I give a fuck?

Like you've always wanted to be.
You cut all your strings
And forgot all about me.
Alone and hanging out to dry.

I'd rather have you as a friend
Then not have you at all
So I'll watch you watch me be miserable

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