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This song is by Averi.

I'm comforted by your presence
And frustrated by your absence
And this is tragic, this role we have to play now.
To stay here, to leave here
Whispered constantly in my ears.
I'll blow up from exhaustion from never moving.

We'll stay forever this way
And our what could have been will linger on.
We'd be worth remembering.

I'm frustrated in your presence
And hollow in your absence
And I'm tired of acting out a role that I don't want.
I need this and I want this
Throbs constantly in my mind.
I'll blow up from surrendering to what we could have been.

So let's die here my love.
Just one kiss and we'll go out on top.
We'd be worth remembering, eternally this way.

You're beautiful and this is trivial
And it's building up inside.
If I blow up from exhaustion,
It will be from chasing you.

I could walk away and never think of you again,
But I am not that strong.

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