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Stop The Rain

This song is by Average White Band and appears on the album Feel No Fret (1979).

Just yesterday you slipped
away from me
without so much
as one word of good-bye
You packed the sunshine
in your big old suitcase
Now only the rain fills the sky

You were mine
but suddenly it's changed
Wish that I... could find a way
to stop the rain

I thought that everything
was going fine
But I was blind
blind as a man could be
I took for granted
what you tried hard to give
And now the rain
is all I can see

You were mine -
but that was yesterday
Wish that I... could find a way
to stop the rain

Now tell me please
do you understand
what this feeling
is all about
'Cos when you left me
you took my heart -
squeezed the sunshine out

But in time
this heart of mine will heal
the Sun will shine
and I can find a way to stop the rain

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