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​She Taught Me To Read Streetlights

This song is by Avenues & Silhouettes.

Fire them!
It hurt so much
Life goes easy down there

Breach addicted,
Infamous queen of the graveyard
Now scorched

You're so devourable and
Your mouth is full of charcoal
And like it seems this time there's a motion in which
We asphyxiate

Right now
You better think Ill guide
Our soldiers backwards in the sea
Through the corals where I ramped for you.
Tomorrow brings a storm.

I sail asleep
As I see you swell,
My songbird
And now you think about yourself

You're so devourable and now you're
Praising stars from the top of a hill
And like it seems this time there's a motion in which
Were in this together

As I sing tonight in this moat were in this together


Your words are really
Nothing in this world
But aftermaths of epitaphs,
Announced sorrows
Infecting eardrums with your choirs
In the distance, spit by your putrid vocal cords...
Scorned whispers.
Get used to accepting that
Quietly this world has decapitated by the jaw
Our story, it won't go on

When I look down
I'm gonna feel so proud
To find out the cadaver is still pretty
And now you think about yourself

Die my bride
And stab me
While I dance.
Full my bed
With leeches
And don't leave me
Till I had been dried up.
Let me moan.
I will be
So calmed while
Our bones tear up with the sun