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​Never Forget The Ps

This song is by Avenues & Silhouettes.


Everywhere you've been to, I've been to 1000 times before
Huge street neon lamps drove me reluctantly to my conviction
In which I fall
In the deepest and darkest ocean
From where I see the shore

My fingers are snakes I hack
Around your neck they form a necklace
Then nothing could be worse

Maybe Ill match the pieces of that heart, oh baby!
Missing your mistakes
Daily nights curse the pieces of that bad assembly
Missing your mistakes

Whos gonna be aware of the sparks that sends the envious moon?
You make her shrink
I felt for you the crudest need of love and I consider that his decay
Suffocates your alabastrine eyes
From where I see the shore
(I can't remember)
From where I sink

I love you

You said that Ego sum lux mundi