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Punk Rock Song

This song is by Avenue D.

Fuck me fuck me fuck me hard
Fuck me in a vat of lard
Throw me up against the wall
Let me grab you by the balls
Why don't we just fuck right here
On the bar, move the beer
Pull my hair, grab my neck,
Lube me up with cum and sweat

I don't give a shit, come on my tits
Make me twitch, I'm a dirty bitch

Bend over, shut your eyes
Grit your teeth, spread your thighs

Beat me beat me beat me up
In your rusty pick up truck
Make me suck your rock hard cock
Shove it in my pretty cunt

Pump me pump me pump me full
Let me ride you like a bull
Throw me down treat me rough
Don't stop till I've had enough
Treat me like a dirty slut
Stick your fingers in my butt
Wrap my legs around your head
If you cum right now, YOU'RE DEAD!

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