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When Will You Die

This song is by Avenger Of Blood and appears on the album Death Brigade (2008).

As you life fulfills its prophecy
And you feel the pain of death
Devastation fills your mind with dread
And I know that you will soon be dead

Fight your conscience, fill your mind with scorn
Feel the terror take its hold
Drown in darkness take the final step
Trade your life for nonexistence

Pain to the end
No will remains
Death I will send
Paralyze till the slow pathetic end

When will you Die

From within I grip your weakened corpse
Suffocate your will to live
Tubes that feed you cannot save your life
I'm the doctor and the surgeons knife

You're trapped within a frozen time
Dark visions of a shattered mind
Deception cracks the lines
As wintered dreams unwind

Remove my mask and you will see
A once denied reality
The path assigned to all
Thrashing and smashing your soul and you skull

(Lead - Marc)
(Lead - Eric)

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