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Sadistic Inquisitor

This song is by Avenger Of Blood and appears on the album Death Brigade (2008).

Marked for extinction
Incinerated bodies, vile scene
Who will be next
Dragged from every home they kick and scream

Tortured to submission
Intimidated now you will obey
This is the verdict
Renounce your ways of suffer in the flames

A knocking door
There's nowhere to hide
Judged forevermore
Guilty of your crimes

Flames engulf your body
See the masses cheering through the smoke
Hooded figures watching
As the pain begins, you start to choke

A bloody carcass entombed
A night of evil and doom
Cold hatred glaze of their eyes
As darkened figures arise
The government will deter
Masked executioner
A rule of darkness and fear
The sons of evil appear

(Lead - Marc)
(Lead - Eric)
(Lead - Marc)
(Lead - Eric)

Sadistic inquisitor
Burn for your crimes
Sadistic inquisitor
No one hears your cries

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