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Mortally Wounded

This song is by Avenger Of Blood and appears on the album Death Brigade (2008).

Suffocating scared to die
Lying bleeding on the battlefield
Rushing blood to your brain
Hallucinations wreck your mind

Your face is covered in blood
Now you die
Your life has come to an end
No more time

Sentenced to die
Your demise

Fading conscious, blinding pain
Struggling to stay alive
Deserted in battle
Left to rot upon the plains

(Lead - Eric)
(Lead - Marc)
(Lead - Eric)

Cut off from life
The flames arise
Abandoned hope
Help is denied

(Lead - Marc)

The stench of death
With final breath
You curse your place
Among the dead

Deadly battle, till the end
Cut down by the enemy
Mortally wounded
Feel your body growing cold

Your face is covered in blood
Now you die
Betrayed on the battlefield
Never to rise

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