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I Wanna Know

This song is by Avant and appears on the album My Thoughts (2000).

La da da da...ohh ohhh!
I want you baby.

Tell me...
I wanna know if you want me baby (baby)
Tell me, babe
Tell me (girl)...
Do you feel the need for love
(come closer babe)

Every night I just dream, about you
I try to hold myself together,
but there's so much that I
I wanna do
Being with you everyday
is so beautiful,
that's why I want you to let me know..

Do you want me
I wanna know if you want me baby (baby)
tell me babe...
do you need me
Do you feel the need for love
(I wanan know)
I wanna know if you want me baby
(Do you need me)
Do you feel the need for love

I like when you just sit there and you call my name
(call my name babe)
that let me that I am on top of, (top of) my ame (my game)
fantasizing on my job, yeah everyday (everyday)
can't wait to go home so I can love you (love you)
In different ways...Oooh Yeah!



Is it me that you want babe
because you're all that I need
I get excited when I think about you baby
So don't leave me
Don't leave me! No, no!
baby, please
don't leave me.

I want you lady
I want you
I want you, yeah
I want you baby, oh, oh ohhhhhhh....


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