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This song is by Avant and appears on the album Private Room (2003).

U got me open like a Liquor,
love so strong that i dont want nomore
Can't decribe the way u got me shook,
u like a drug girl u got me hooked.
Ur the queen i see in ma dreams, wanna taste some of ur icecream
i can't describe the way u got me shook
u like a drug girl u got me hooked.

ma boys say im trippin but im like "so"
cuz u got me open i dont care who knows
wen it comes to u baby anytin goes,
cuz u just like that drug that they smoke
u got ma mind twisted and all tied up
from ur conversation and gentle touch w/e u want
baby neva too much, baby sit back and let me take a puff


u got me hooked hooked hooked...

I dont even smoke buts thats quite alright
cuz wen ur wit me its like a natural high
just like marvin gab touchin his keyboard
wen u touch me it makes me say "o lord"
girl u got every lil bit of ma soul
makin it hard for me to gain control but even wen i try to tell maself no
theres a lil voice sayin 1 more

im on these streets
lookin for u
come rescue me


u got me hooked hooked hooked...

i like think about u all day and uh
i been wantin u in a strong way and uh
and nobody do ma body like u do me
the kinda lovin make a thug say "ou we"
"oo oo"sayin is wen it rain it pours
and i aint neva in ma life felt this way before
baby girl ur the only one that i adore
ur up one in the game let me settle the score

wut is this that u put on me
im so gone and i cannot sleep
i cant eat and i feel so weak
i dont need it but its callin me
ur ma love addition i cannot quit
baby im feenin for anotha hit
one more time girl i swear thats it
this love im hooked....


i dont care wut ppl say
i want u more everyday
its like a strange premonition
but u got me on a mission
yes ive been searchin high and low
(fades away)

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