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Let Your Love

This song is by Avalon and appears on the album In A Different Light (1999).

I can hear You calling
In a whisper you say so much
In a dream I'm falling
But I awaken within Your love and...

I find You waiting
I find You, arms stretching open
My will is breaking
Lord, I've had enough...
I'm giving it up

So let Your love
Take my heart make it strong
Take my life from now on
I'm running out of hope
Running out of strength
So let Your love take over me

I have been unchanging
I have seen my world spinning by
Only You can save me
From the foolishness of my pride, so...

Come find me waiting
Come find me, heart reaching upward
My will is fading
Lord, I've had enough...
I'm giving me up

Chorus (2 times)

In a dream I'm falling
Come find me waiting
Come and make me strong
Come and lead me on
Come set my heart free
Come and take me over


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