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Good News

This song is by Avalon and appears on the album Joy - A Christmas Collection (2000).

Good news / Good news / An angel brings Good news /
Good news / Good news / I meet you with Good news *
Close your eyes / Fold your hands / For a moment let your
sorrow fade / Why, oh, why are you afraid / Has this world
stripped you of your faith / Close your eyes and on bended
knee / Listen to an angel pray / And once again prepare the
way / So you'll see a gift that's given / For you a time of
joy/ Behold a baby boy * Bow your head / Speak not a
word / Let the silence take you far from here / The spirit
disappear / Bow your head and on bended knee / Hear the
story once again / The child grew up to wear a cross / A
child grew up to pledge a life / For us a time of joy /
Behold, Christ a baby boy * For us is born this night / In a
manger wrapped in swaddling clothes / Christ the Savior,
Christmas day / All our burdens washed away / We break
the bread / We pour the wine / And angels decend with a
heavenly sigh /

*From the album JOY*

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