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Avalon (1996)Edit

Avalon - Avalon
  1. Give It Up
  2. This Love
  3. The Greatest Story
  4. Picture Perfect World
  5. Don't Be Afraid
  6. Here To Deliver
  7. Let It Be Forever
  8. My Jesus, I Love Thee
  9. Saviour Love
  10. Jesus Is Lord

A Maze Of Grace (1997)Edit

Avalon - A Maze Of Grace
A Maze Of Grace
  1. Testify To Love
  2. A World Away
  3. A Maze Of Grace
  4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  5. Adonai
  6. Speed Of Light
  7. The Move
  8. Reason Enough
  9. Forgive And Forget
  10. Dreams I Dream For You

In A Different Light (1999)Edit

Avalon - In A Different Light
In A Different Light
  1. Take You At Your Word
  2. In Not Of
  3. In A Different Light
  4. Can't Live A Day
  5. Always Have, Always Will
  6. If My People Pray
  7. I'm Speechless
  8. Only For The Weak
  9. Let Your Love
  10. Hide My Soul
  11. First Love

Joy - A Christmas Collection (2000)Edit

Avalon - Joy - A Christmas Collection
A Christmas Collection
  1. Joy (To The World)
  2. The Angel Medley
  3. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
  4. Jesus Born On This Day
  5. Winter Wonderland
  6. Light A Candle
  7. Good News
  8. The Christmas Song
  9. Manger Medley
  10. We Are The Reason

Oxygen (2001)Edit

Avalon - Oxygen
  1. Wonder Why
  2. The Best Thing
  3. By Heart, By Soul
  4. Undeniably You
  5. I Don't Want To Go
  6. Never Givin' Up
  7. Make It Last Forever
  8. The Glory
  9. Oxygen
  10. Love Remains
  11. Come And Fill My Heart
  12. Beyond The Clouds (Hidden Track)

O2: Avalon Remixed (2002)Edit

Avalon-O2 - Avalon Remixed
O2: Avalon Remixed
  1. Oxygen (Red Decibel Mix)
  2. Testify To Love (New Birth Mix)
  3. Wonder Why (Larring Mix)
  4. The Best Thing (Euro Stack Mix)
  5. In Not Of (Soul 2am Mix)
  6. Can't Live A Day (DJ Tiësto Mix)
  7. A Maze Of Grace (Ghost Mix)
  8. Speed Of Light (Mint Royale Mix)
  9. Undeniably You (Jeff Savage Mix)
  10. Make It Last Forever (Milinneyum Mix)
  11. Wonder Why (Roswell Mix)
  12. A Maze Of Grace (J. Edgar Hoover Mix)

Testify To Love: The Very Best Of Avalon (2003)Edit

Avalon - Testify To Love- The Very Best Of Avalon
Testify To Love: The Very Best Of Avalon
  1. New Day
  2. The Greatest Story
  3. Give It Up
  4. Everything To Me
  5. Testify To Love
  6. Adonai
  7. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  8. Take You At Your Word
  9. Can't Live A Day
  10. Always Have, Always Will
  11. In Not Of
  12. Pray
  13. The Glory
  14. Wonder Why
  15. I Don't Want To Go
  16. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

The Creed (2004)Edit

Avalon - The Creed
The Creed
  1. All
  2. Far Away From Here
  3. Abundantly
  4. You Were There
  5. I Wanna Be With You
  6. Overjoyed
  7. The Creed
  8. I Bring It To You
  9. The Good Way
  10. Renew Me

Stand (2006)Edit

Avalon - Stand
  1. The Other Side
  2. Love Won't Leave You
  3. Orphans Of God
  4. Somehow You Are
  5. Slowly
  6. We Will Stand
  7. Jesus
  8. I Survive
  9. When The Time Comes
  10. Where Joy And Sorrow Meet

Faith: A Hymns Collection (2006)Edit

Avalon - Fath- A Hymns Collection
Faith: A Hymns Collection
  1. The Solid Rock
  2. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
  3. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  4. In Christ Alone
  5. It Is Well With My Soul
  6. I'll Fly Away
  7. Holy! Holy! Holy!
  8. Blessed Assurance
  9. Jesus Medley: Jesus Loves Me/'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
  10. How Great Thou Art
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Total Praise
  13. For Freedom (Bonus Track)

Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics (2008)Edit

Avalon - Another Time, Another Place- Timeless Christian Classics
Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics
  1. God Is in Control
  2. For the Sake of the Call
  3. Thy Word
  4. Another Time, Another Place
  5. Solid as the Rock
  6. People Get Ready...Jesus Is Comin'
  7. The Basics of Life
  8. We Will Stand
  9. The Reason We Sing
  10. Friend of a Wounded Heart
  11. El-Shaddai
  12. Place in This World
  13. Addictive Love
  14. People Need the Lord
  15. Testify to Love
  16. Praise The Lord

Avalon: The Greatest Hits (2009)Edit

Avalon - Avalon- The Greatest Hits
Avalon: The Greatest Hits
  1. Testify To Love
  2. Give It Up
  3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  4. Still My God
  5. Take You At Your Word
  6. Can't Live A Day
  7. The Glory
  8. Wonder Why
  9. Adonai
  10. New Day
  11. Everything To Me
  12. I Don't Want To Go
  13. All
  14. You Were There
  15. Orphans Of God
  16. In Christ Alone

Reborn (2009)Edit

Avalon - Reborn
  1. Reborn
  2. Alive
  3. Arise
  4. Feel
  5. Fragile
  6. Destined
  7. Stay
  8. Angels
  9. California
  10. Holy

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Alien Nation
  2. Anything Good
  3. Fly To You
  4. Joy And Sorrow
  5. Mary, Did You Know
  6. What's All About