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Gospels in Dusk

This song is by Autumn and appears on the album Summer's End (2004).

Awake, lord of the watchtower-North
Earth is rising for thee
Euros, lord of the east
Enlighten the sky for me

Awake, lord of the watchtower-South
Incense the fire I see
Sephyros, lord of the watchtower-West
Complete the other three

I haul down the moon, while my being fades away
And the ancestress of the gods descends in me
Euphoria and full sense are here to stay

Skyclad in the night, wrapped in air
Equal and power absorbing
Atheme, fruit and wine
Thoughts and bodies we share

Gospels in dusk
Echoes of hymns whispering tunes
Drifting trough the night

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