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​By Leaving Rome I Found My Home

This song is by Autopulver.

Yes, it's a hell of a noise
Making my choice
Riding the highway
Me, and my dirty car
I've never gone this far
Heading for a new day

So, this was my damned voice
Sung a fucked up song
Didn't leave a choice
Saying I was wrong
Can you hear me now?
I have finally made it

My private star made another sun
Jupiter is on the run
Towards an empty space
A better place
Served by the galaxy
By leaving rome I found my home
Gonna be easier
Gonna be hard enough
Wanna have so much more
Everything we adore

You, you made up my mind
And I made your bed
It's very confusing
Mess, but nevertheless
My life is no stress
I'm nobody's hero