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Waiting for the Screams

This song is by Autopsy and appears on the EP Skull Grinder (2015).

The screams are in my head
Like precious red victories
Waiting to erupt from the human cage
My Triumph is your misery

My patience will be rewarded
Each second an eternal feast
I sit, I dream, I savor every crimson moment
Before the shrieking is unleashed

There is no hate, there is no rage
Soon I'll turn the dark, bloodsoaked page
These screams will be only for me
Like prisoners they'll be set free

Here we are behind soundproof doors
You and I, you're down on all fours
Locked away, you will not be found
This place is death, just look around

I slit my wrist and smear the blood on your face
A mask of horror, a clotting embrace
And now it's time for my climatic bliss
I'm ready for your screams to burst
So I rip the stitches from your lips

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