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This song is by Autopsy and appears on the album Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves (2014).

Let us be stillborn
We're mauled, embalmed, from wombs we're torn
The madness critical
We're charred, diseased, we're funerals
Your vacant coffin waits
Disemboweled, you're maggot bait
For air you vainly gasp
This severed breath will be your last

Can you hear the funeral bell
Ringing in your brain?
Falling, crawling, casket calling
You're just a mass of burnit decay

There's a hole in your head, your flesh it crawls
The day of bloody slaughter is now
Crusades of darkness, bonesaws rip
The only path is six feet down

Autopsy on your burning corpse
Autopsy, death is your reward

Ravenous freaks and fiends for blood
Plunge you into blackness within
Your rotting face is frozen with fear
As the walls of the coffin close in

Brain damaged, you bathe in flames
Your bowels ripped in a violated grave
Sadistic spilling of blood, you were always about to die
You're full of maggot holes, your corpse it shall not rise
The headless ritual emblazened in the crimson skies

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