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This song is by Autophobia and appears on the album Stay Awake (2005).

All of my health is spent from the day
All of my dreams are slipping away
Tired and beat, I run home and hide
When life gets awful, I keep it inside
I hope I'll be okay
I hope that I will be okay

But when I start sleeping
It's good to be dreaming
My mind makes it all so interesting
The picture is clearer
Step into the mirror
Which side of it am I really in?

But when the light opens my eyes
I'm revitalized, my health is revived
Oh love the day and all that I feel
Even though it's fake, nothing is real
Nothing is real
But when I see the night
I know that it will be alright

My dreams are perspective
This life is objective
Cause' one half is real and one's pretend
The battle is breaking
Nothing's worse than waking
So when is this nightmare gonna end?

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