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A Better Tomorrow Part 2

This song is by Automator.

(Feat. Kool Keith (Sinister 6000))

(Kool Keith)
Sort of... break it... down like this

(The next 0:45 is instrumental)

(Kool Keith)
Sort of... break it... down like this

(The next 1:20 is instrumental)

(Kool Keith)
Yeah! Kool Keith's brother Sinister 6000!
Four thou', 39 killowatts
Drop lyric

Eternal thoughts combine, bluh blah, supersonic courts
Colt .45's amped up; gates pump, compressors leak
Maximum out-strength the bass meter stretch a length
JBL Dolby's ADAT's Ampegs transfer to the wax
Sinister 6000 new rap styles I be housin
My style is Europe freestyles that pump in Amsterdam
With the Mackey 32 expanding ? pro tools
Stadiums packed with speakers, 50,000 people
Digital formats with Sony amps pumpin equal
With rapid-fire no joke I burn your crew for hire
With big dynamics on this automic, aerobics
Female vocals choke, them highs get them systems broke
Buy software that's industrial, metal hardware
Vocal rack 4000
Ulysses X-2 warp compounds like high-tech voodoo
Sequence ranges strange like maggots growing in your brains
8,000 bugs crawling on your skin, I'm back again my friend
Sinister 6000, 5 11 seven thousand
Black monsters in the house
Who wanna step to the Invisible Man
As I chamber, lock you in command

(The rest is instrumental and samples of Kool Keith
Saying "sort of... break it... down like this")

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