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​Human Racist

This song is by Automatized Cyborg Death.

Begging for mercy is the most pathetic thing
That a human could ever do.
When so much time was wasted defending
Their honor and their right to life.
Just accept the fact, you have no rights, only
What is desginated,
In a series of texts who's transcription you
Could never witness.
Standing on the brink of a rift between your
World and his own,
You'll never know the pleasure he knows
As they comb the lands for the body count
And he realizes that's he's killed them all
This is the kind of greed that can only be
Cured by human souls
This is the kind of that can only be cured
By human souls
This is the kind of addiction that's deep
Enough to fill a black hole
With a plethora of multiverses and their
Inhabitants in full
This is just one of those things who's answer
You will never know
Just be satisfied in knowing that that you
Never will
This is one of those things that questions
Will just irritate
This universe was created in honor of
Contradiction and hypocrisy
Know that your useless
Know your not needed
Know your insignifigant
Know your just human...