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Sign in Please (1984)Edit

Autograph - Sign in Please
Sign in Please
  1. Send Her to Me
  2. Turn Up the Radio
  3. Night Teen & Non-Stop
  4. Cloud 10
  5. Deep End
  6. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me
  7. Thrill of Love
  8. Friday
  9. In the Night
  10. All I'm Gonna Take

That's The Stuff (1985)Edit

Autograph - That's the Stuff
That's the Stuff
  1. That's The Stuff
  2. Take No Prisoners
  3. Blondes In Black Cars
  4. You'll Get Over It
  5. Crazy World
  6. Six String Fever
  7. Changing Hands
  8. Hammerhead
  9. Built For Speed
  10. Paint This Town

Loud And Clear (1987)Edit

Autograph - Loud And Clear
Loud And Clear
  1. Loud and Clear
  2. Dance All Night
  3. She Never Looked That Good For Me
  4. Bad Boy
  5. Everytime I Dream
  6. She's a Tease
  7. Just Got Back From Heaven
  8. Down N' Dirty
  9. More Than a Million Times
  10. When The Sun Goes Down

Buzz (2003)Edit

Autograph - Buzz
  1. Break A Sweat
  2. Shake The Tree
  3. She's The Reason
  4. Fed Up With Bein' Down
  5. That
  6. Party Like We Did
  7. Buzz
  8. Like It Hot
  9. Heart Raper
  10. Can't Stop Rockin'

More Missing Pieces (2003)Edit

Autograph - More Missing Pieces
More Missing Pieces
  1. All Night Long
  2. Heartattack
  3. When I'm Gone
  4. I've Got You
  5. One-Way Dead-End Street
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Sweet Temptation
  8. Love Comes Easy
  9. Angel in Black
  10. Turn up the Radio
  11. Angela
  12. Nothin' to Lose
  13. Reason to Rock
  14. Send Her to Me
  15. Nighteen and Nonstop
  16. Friday
  17. Deep End
  18. All I'm Gonna Take

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

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