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Lazer Beam

This song is by Auto-Auto and appears on the album Celeste (2008).

You know we are so much cooler than we seem
Untouchable and pretty like a laser beam
Sort of sparkling, hard to look at
Just like an eclipse of the sun, you know what!?

Things we touch turn into gold
Take anything just to break the mold
It takes more than one to tango
Scaramouch, Scaramouch will you do the fandango

Slowing down your heart like "macaroni and cheese"
It's our famous last stand and we do as we please
Feels like these fat rhymes weigh over a ton
So turn up the speed while the beat goes on

You can't turn away this time
Just like a drunk driver we ignore all signs
Life is a journey down a muddy slope
Hang on to the noose at the end of the rope
We're leaving when the roof's on fire
No matter how you try you can't get much higher
Rhyme's more fat than Ricky Lake
In the eighties when she's chewing on her birthday cake

Notify your next of kin
You don't know the mess you're in

Make you feel weird like margaritas on 'roids
It's all downhill from here
So sit back and enjoy
We don't carry no guns
We like knives and mace
And that's why you bitches are all our slaves

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