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This song is by Auto-Auto and appears on the album Sounds Of A New Generator (2005).

Think of me when you close your fist
You're the mother of destruction and you came out well
Dream of me write me on the list
Of lovers you consumed inside your changing shell

Eat her out, make it magical
Her iron tasting blood makes me stiff and numb
Turns me on in a violent flash
She's the mother of destruction and she's using her tumbs

She get what she deserve
She gives me all I need to carry on
And I like a tighter leash

When she's above me
I get stronger from the secrets that she teach
She's my queen, I am her dog

Clean my mind in an afternoon
And iam breathing down her neck to make it possible
Teath and grind this is not to soon
She's the mother of deduction and she owns this fool

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