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​Do You Need Some Space?

This song is by Auto-Auto and appears on the album Celeste (2008).

I'm waiting, I'm waiting for the tram to come
I'm late, I'm late again I'm sorry mom
The money spent on taxes seem to end up in the hands
Of people who have gone to far to get a second chance
And even though I feel like I'm a chump without a clue
I go to work and pay my taxes, mom, I promise you

We're the model citizens of Babylon
We're the margin-dwellers and the moral front

I'm spending my spare time contemplating this
The leeches that suck society are close to bliss
And even though I know that nice guys always finish last
I dig up all the shallow graves I carry in my past
I just can't help the feeling that I get, it resembles shame
Oh, daddy help me now when it is hard to carry your name