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The Tap

This song is by Autamata and appears on the album Short Stories (2005).

Well the clock is ticking over, ever nearer to the day
And the body next to me is drifting further and further away
I am het up, overheating, not sleeping, reliving my past mistakes
Maybe it's all imagination

Won't you listen?

I just want to make this work
What is it I'm doing wrong?
And I struggle as I lie
Not to panic, not to cry
Don't turn the tap on, I want to keep it dry

But what do I know?

How do I know what is going on for real inside that head?
So I softly bump myself over to his side of the bed
And he jumps like I've burned him and turns himself over
And I did not hear what he said
Maybe he's dreaming of somebody else
I'm not one to listen to myself but listen here I will
I'd be better off sleeping than weeping and waiting for him to go in for the kill
I don't turn the tap on
I keep it dry
I have no control over what he decides
And he tells me when he wakes
He was dreaming of a place
Full of boxes of chocolates and train-sets and games
Full of toys

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