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You Believe In Me (Cosima)

This song is by Australian Idol.

I've been waiting in the dark
All alone with just the beating of my heart
But I'll be all right, when I'm out there in the light
'Cause I know I'm gonna make it, yes I do
Because of you

I can fly without wings
I can do anything
Tonight's the night I'm gonna find my destiny
I can soar through the sky
And you're the reason why
I can be anything I wanna be
'Cause you believe in me

There's a timein every life
When you realize you're dream is on the line
Gonna make you proud and I'm never gonna let you down
'Cause when I look into your eyes I feel my spirits rise

You believe when I am lost
Every step along the way
And when my world is falling down
You're love
Lifts me up (keychange)

(At end of second time)
I can be anything and everything
I wanna be

'Cause you believe in me ooh

You believe in...

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