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Working Class Man

This song is by Australian Idol.

Working hard to make a living
Bringing shelter from the rain
A fathers son left to carry on
Blue denim in his vein
Oh oh oh he's a working class man

Well he's a steel town deciple
He's a legend of his kind
He's running like a cyclone
Across the wild western sky
Oh oh oh he's a working class man

He believes in God and Elvis
He gets out when he can
He did his time in Vietnam
Still mad at uncle Sam
He's a simple man
With a heart of gold
In a complicated land
Oh he's a working class man

Well he loves his little woman
Someday he'll make his wife
Saving all the overtime
For the one love of his life
He ain't worried about tomorrow
Cause he just made up his mind
Life's too short for burning bridges
Take it one day at a time

Oh oh oh he's a working class man
Oh oh oh he's a working class man
Oh yeah
Ma ma . . . . . . . i tell you he's a working class man
Yes he is, yes he is, yes he is
I tell you his a working class man

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