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One Thing Leads To Another (Pualini)

This song is by Australian Idol.

One thing leads to another

And so it's always been
They need to be right
You can give them any job
They can do three things at one time

But they give 'em your heart
As for memories go up
If you asking for the truth
It's safer just to give up
It's seems like forever
That I've been driving hard
I'm calling stop coz

One thing leads to another
Before you no it you're in too deep
Till u finally discover
You've got no more secrets to keep
Coz little by little
Step by step
Your gonna see how far u can get
Listen to the words of your mother
One thing leads to another

You're so obvious
But u play it so cool
U must think I'm out of my mind
But I no just what you're up to

Coz the day I give up
Is the day that you'll die
And it's better u no
The day I'll leave u for me letting go
You'll feel it forever
Coz you've been driving hard
Who's calling stop coz


It's always been what's done
Little hope for it to change
But with us its left undone
And it's always the same
We fall for the ones that hold us in their games


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