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Dance With You (Rebekah Levauney)

This song is by Australian Idol.

Dance with you
Dance with you

All I really wanna do
Really wanna do is dance with you

I finish working for the
Goin' dancing with my
Always have a better time with them than any man, and

So good, the musics really
There's a guy that's always
Walkin' over now, trynna make a move on me
'Cause see

All I really wanna do is dance with you
There ain't nothin' else in it, boy, that's the truth
Can't you feel the rhythm in the music playin'
'Cause the DJ's playin' my favorite song
Nothin' in the world that I would rather do
Than dance all night to my favorite tune
There's something that I really think you need to know
Is that I love to dance but, boy, it's not about you

I'm not
The kind to pick up in a
Night club
Or give my number to a
It doesn't matter if I've never seen a finer man

Don't think
A look at me is any
'Cause I want to get
But, baby, now I'm findin' reasons that you never think I knew

(Rap - Levi)
Do you wanna dance with me?
And if you're lucky
I'll even let you take a chance on me
But now you're cryin'
Actin' like you ain't impressed with me
Now get your mind right
See there's no one else but me
You know it, yeah, you know your game
Nothing changed, baby (changed, baby)

I'll buy you things
Take you places ain't been, baby
I feel you, girl
I know all I wanna do dance wit you
The way you movin', girl
I know you feel the same way too
I want you, I want you