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Chains (Paulini)

This song is by Australian Idol.

your arms are warm but they make me feel
as if they're made of cold, cold steel
a simple kiss like a turnin' key
a little click and the lock's on me
can't move my arms, can't lift my hands
I won't admit to where I am
but I know baby, I'm in chains, I'm in chains

I pretend I can always leave
free to go whenever I please
but then the sound of my desperate calls
echo off these dungeon walls
I've crossed the line from A to Z
a thousand times and back again
I love you baby,
I'm in chains, I'm in chains,
I'm in chains, I'm in chains,

should have known passin' through the gate
that once inside I could not escape
I never thought this could happen to me
never thought this is where I'd be
so baby, baby, baby, look at me
I said baby, baby, look at me, I'm in chains

(baby,baby,I'm in chains)
(baby,baby, I'm in chains)

I never thought this is where I'd be
never thought this would happen to me

(baby,baby,I'm in chains)
(baby,baby,I'm in chains) (go to fade)

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