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Take Me Away

This song is by Austin Mayse.

She was the prettiest girl in my hometown
I never thought nothing would bring her down
Till I came back 'round and I saw her at the corner store

She was ringing up beers and holding back tears
Carrying the weight of the last 6 years
The sparkle in her eye wasn't there no more

She was counting down the minutes till she could lock up that door

Well I asked her how she was doin' She told me how she'd been
She said you wouldn't believe the mess I'm in
My life now has become such a damn disgrace

I said surely it just can't be that bad
She said you ain't seen the rough run of luck I've had
The tears she was holdin' back were on her face

She said I just need someone to come along and get me out of this place

And she said

Take me away from this city
Take me away from this town
All my friends have up and left me
Got me feelin' all broke down

Take me away from this city
Off to a place so far away
'Cause the guys like you are always leaving
And girls like me are bound to stay

Well closing time came and passed
We finally found a place we could go at last
To sit down and talk for a while

Well she let it all out and I took it all in
I tried my best to be a damn good friend
Listen to her troubles and her trials

I even tried to see if maybe I could make her smile

Pedal Steel Solo

You see the hometown blues will never go away
Till you wake up in the morning one day and say
I think it's time that I be movin' along
It don't matter where you go or how long you stay
The point is you just gotta get away
Don't worry about being right or being wrong

You sure as Hell don't wanna wind up the subject of a country song

Where she said

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