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This song is by Austin Mayse.

There ain't nothing here in Kansas except the roads and the fields of grain
Nothing next to nothing all scattered out across the plains
I've got all the time to think about all the things I wish I could change
I wish I was back in Texas cause up here I can't change a thing

Well the wind keeps on blowing as the sky starts to lose its shine
White lines pass on by me like old memories through my mind
There's a girl down south of Houston and all my friends in Austin
All the hearts I've broken and some eyes I once got lost in

Dorothy why'd you send me so far away?
I remember all the kind things you used to say
Wherever this twister takes me wherever I roam
I just tap my boots and say there's no place like home

Well the temperature gets colder the further north you go
So do all the people, man it's like nothing that I know
I look around for a friendly face but one just can't seem to be found
And I start to understand why no one ever stuck around

Bridge after bridge on the turnpike's just the same
Everything is so static here, it's against the rules to change
So I think that I'll keep movin' along till I cross that state line
Gonna leave these plain ol' plains so far behind