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This song is by Austin Mayse.

I am a drifter, a loser, an alcohol abuser
I drink and smoke all night and I sleep the day away
And I'm drivin' down this highway just searching to find my way
Living on to fight another day

I woke up early one morning it was raining it was pouring
I thought man I just can't seem to catch a break
Cause my bills weren't getting paid and my nerves were getting frayed
I wondered how much more could I take

Just then I saw a rainbow but I still felt my shame though
I couldn't understand the reason why
Maybe it's the drinkin' that's got me slowly sinkin'
Or maybe it's the color of my lies

In Oklahoma City weather was so pretty
But the Sun just wouldn't shine the whole day through
They wouldn't let me in said I couldn't be their friend
Until I learned to be good friends with you

So I made your acquaintance and tested out your patience
As I walked away time and time again
But the moment I was gone you knew it wouldn't be too long
'Cause I always seem to come back in the end

It was 12 o'clock in Lincoln and I started thinkin'
Maybe I should head my ass back home
So I'm drivin' through this heartland, the small towns and farmlands
And I think of you so I don't feel so alone

I remember that old prayer that I heard from that soothsayer
You know, the one who really claimed to see
Said "I may lose my way but I will never go astray
I'm never lost as long as you're here with me

Now I've tried to make things brighter with the bottle and a lighter
But I can't take back the things that I done
Yeah but I can plainly see, if you can love a guy like me,
In this world, there's hope for everyone