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Bottomless Bottle Full Of Whiskey

This song is by Austin Mayse.

I need a bottomless bottle full of whiskey
Won't you put it on the bar here in front of me
No matter if it's Kentucky or Tennessee
I need a bottomless bottle full of whiskey

Bartender come around and 'round again
I need to try to get away from where I been
I look around the world I'm a livin' in
And all I see is sadness and a whole lot of sin

I wanna get back to a place and time
When news wasn't just another word for crime
The kids could play outside after supper time
And paychecks didn't come from the welfare line

I wish that the vets weren't cast aside
And forced to swallow every ounce of pride
And people showed respect for the men who died
So they could have the right to pick their side

I wish that folks still gave a damn
About the quality of life of their fellow man
You didn't have to sign a contract you could just shake hands
And ballparks had names and not name brands

I wish that when you looked at me,
You'd see the kind of man that you want me to be
We could come together. We could both agree
Fall in love and start a family

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