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A King's Crown For A Wealthy Weak

This song is by Auspex.

(Music : Py.Brun / Lyrics : A.Potié)

Ignore the footprints, just leave the sceptre alone.
Suffer your soul, let it shine,
Spread yourself and make it real!

Oh see yourself in that broken mirror,
The grand cross just crossed it all.
You're trusting a head on the ground.

As you create mist, my god's dethroned,
Let me live for you, please
Don't tear the dream
I ask for pity, let me be

My sculpture leads straight to the phantasm
The leather sky poured a spasm
Of a crimson silence aura.

Spit my coma, a shape of messiah
Just drive your tears back on me,
Cry as if no one could be.

A child pie and a million of scars,
You raise nothing but your fist,
Load up on me to reach the altar
Pulling the chain from A to X

Hear my whispers, I'm not gonna cry,
The king's crown is above my will to die

Asymmetry is a balance of chaos
A symmetrical sensation of humanity

Talk to me in despair, talk to be fair.
I'm not the pawn of your nightmares,
Your are guilty of being alive then
Swallow the torches of the damned

Tear me, break me, I am the one,
I am the crown and you're the lie,
I am a breath, well who am I?
A wealthy weak with a king's crown

My pride is your weakness
Your pride is my will
Pride is the weakness
As I drown into the real

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