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Farewell Aunty Jack (1974)Edit

Aunty Jack - Farewell Aunty Jack
Farewell Aunty Jack
  1. Farewell Aunty Jack
  2. Doin' the Aunty Jack

Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong (1974)Edit

Aunty Jack - Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong
Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong (1974)
Aunty Jack - Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong (2006)
2006 Reissue Cover
  1. Rip Off (Aunty Jack and Thin Arthur)
  2. I've Been Everywhere (The Farrelly Brothers)
  3. The Kid Eager (Kid Eager 'n' The Gong)
  4. Doin' The Aunty Jack (Aunty Jack 'n' The Gong)
  5. Man Of 1000 Faces (Mervyn Whipple & Sampson)
  6. The Last Refrain (Neil and Errol)
  7. Veggie Queen (Kev Kavanagh & the Kavemen)
  8. Wollongong The Brave (Norman & The Gunstonnettes)
  9. Wollongong The Brave (Reprise) (Norman Gunston)
  10. Head Of The Pack (Thin Arthur)
  11. Spider's Bucks Lunch (Len, Ron & Darryl)
  12. Ri Fol Tit Men (Ri Fol Tit Men)
  13. Don't Take It Off (Thin Arthur)
  14. What's On In Wollongong (Norman Gunston)
  15. Snowy Aloha (The 'Banjo' Farrelly Brothers)
  16. Tarzan Super Ape (An Origami Rock Opera)
  17. Fish Milk Shakes (Terry Dutton)
  18. The Western Lady (The Farrelly Brothers)
  19. Aunty Jack 'N' The Box (Aunty Jack 'n' The Gong)
  20. Farewell Aunty Jack (Thin Arthur & Aunty Jack)
  21. Nagasaki Blues (Blind Josh Orange Drop Mitsubishi & Muddy Mahawat, with Aunty Jack)

The Auntyology (1972-1985) (2006)Edit

Also included as a bonus disc to the 2006 Reissue version of Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong
  1. Farewell Aunty Jack
  2. Doin' The Aunty Jack
  3. Wollongong On The Mind
  4. Pearl Pureheart
  5. Be Bop A Lula
  6. A Football Opera
  7. Dear Scarlett
  8. Herman The Brave
  9. Teenage Butcher
  10. Teenage Butcher
  11. La Kookaracha
  12. Honalulu Lulu
  13. Norman Gunston's Second Dream
  14. You're Ugly
  15. Flash Nick From Jindavik
  16. Ride Riley Ride
  17. Off Show Theme
  18. Leave It To Jesus
  19. Away In A Major
  20. Queen Of The Gong
  21. Greenhouse Blues
  22. News Free Zone
  23. Please Respect Me