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Either Way, I'll Break Your Heart Someday

This song is by Augustana and appears on the album Can't Love, Can't Hurt (2008).

All I have about the way things go,
I don't know, I just don't know,
Make up some simple lies,
And compromise how I live,

'Cause either way, I'll break your heart someday,
But leaving you is the last thing on my mind,
So when I go, baby kiss real slow,
So I don't forget to make my way back home,
When I go,

Sail away on a wayward ship,
With candy lips in my grip,
Cheap perfume, it never lies,
And I can't supply any good alibis,

Well I miss you in the winter,
Your friends say I should listen,
But can't you see I've loved you all along?
Well if America don't like me,
You can say I finally became a man
Who only likes a gun,
Shoot anyone, shoot anyone...

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