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​Lay Your Hands On Me

This song is by August Rising.

Did I find my way
I can't see a thing
Did I come crashing down
With my broken wings

Lay me down and feel me
'Cause you're the only one
Who can heal me

And I need you to lay your hands on me
When I feel you, I forget to breath
I'm falling downtown baby
You're going to save me when I can't even stand
So just lay your hands on me

And now I see the truth
That life goes on
It's like the way you hear the words
When I sing this song
I open my eyes, hoping to find
Something I thought would change me
I found it was you, somehow I knew
You would help me find my way again

You found me just in time here
Didn't mean to cause you all of these bad years
Seems like yesterday I thought I would disappear
But I'm a changed man and now you've made things clear

And I see
What I need
And you'll be
The one that I want the one that I need
And I see what I need
And you'll be what I need

Lay your hand s on me
I forget to breath