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This song is by August Faint.

Oh Doggy,
I remember the day we buried you,
Out in the backyard,
Under the apple tree,
While I cried on the swingset,
And I watched you float into the air,
How's life like up there?
Past my window,
And into the clouds you go,
I was waving goodbye.
(I'm still waving goodbye)

And I need a friend, Oh.

Now 10 years later and it hurts the same,
But 11 years earlier and we were playing a game (of fetch)
Throw you a bone,
And you'd bury it for later,
Yeah, you can dig it up later.

And I need a friend, Oh.

This place is wet and cold,
And everyone's armed with a knife in their waistcoat,
I wanna go where the clouds go,
I wanna sing where the dead dogs sing,
Oh doggy,
They're all out to get me,
I must destroy myself,
Before they get the chance,
Because they will, they will, they will, they will, they will, they will, they will.